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Workplace Giving Program – get your workmates involved!

Bridging the Gap Foundation supports work in some of the most remote places in Australia to ensure that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have opportunities including equitable access to education, healthcare, employment and the chance to enjoy social and emotional wellbeing. It is our mission to support Indigenous Australians to achieve this.

We’re actively looking for innovative collaborations with corporations that share our vision of health and education equity for all people - a big part of which is walking alongside and building the current and next generation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clinicians, health workers and researchers.

By becoming a partner with Bridging the Gap Foundation, you can be certain your contribution is going where it is needed most – to initiatives that support strong and healthy people and communities and to building a strong Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and education workforce to lead health and education equity now and into the future. Every Australian deserves good health, an education, and a pathway to employment.

Get on board today and contact our Corporate Partnerships team.

Colin Baillie – Head of Development
0410 634 889

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