Indi Kindi

Healthlab for Indi Kindi

HealthLab has partnered with Moriarty Foundation’s Indi Kindi program, an initiative that aims to deliver HealthLab to Under 5s in two locations in the Northern Territory.

Earlier in 2019 the Australian Government provided around $1.01 million to continue the Moriarty Foundation’s Indi Kindi Early Years program and establish the Bridging the Gap Foundation’s Under 5s HealthLab and Indigenous Head Start Traineeships.

Indi Kindi supports young First Australian children’s health and wellbeing by focusing on their strengths to improve their social, literacy and numeracy skills and help them better prepare for school.

The program takes a unique approach to teach young children in a culturally relevant way, using walking classrooms to boost children’s positive behaviour, engagement and performance.

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